The way we live and how and why we are doing it.

The way we live and how and why we are doing it.

We Izi and Tali, sharing our life together for many years touching the age of 60 parents to Gal and Aviv and grandparents to Reef.

In the eyes of many who know us we live a life that is "a little different" than usual but as we see it, we just flow and sail to where the wind blows.

About 7 years ago we have decided that the way we lived for the past 10 years or so does not fit our state of mind of being more Eco friendly and agile, we have decided to move to live in smaller house and to buy a sailing boat so we can travel with it anywhere we wish.

In the recent years we have divided our lives between Israel and Greece, actually using 2 boats, 2 homes. "Shoshana" and "Rozi”

Our ground boat is Shoshana, Shoshana is a Galilean "Noah ark like" home located in a village called Klil about 20 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea in the north of Israel. We brought her to Klil in early 2017 on a truck and she is our home when we are in Israel.

When we are not in Israel, and traveling, we mostly hang out in Greece area with its many islands most of the time using our second home Rozi. Rozi is a sailboat of about 13 meter long built in 2004 by a company called Jeanneau, we purchased her in 2016 and have been sailing with it in Greek area ever since.

Traveling with Rozi is actually moving your home to another neighborhood every time.

Living the way we live also opened our eyes to the destruction we, human beings cause to the planet we live on and led us to some important decisions of how to change things to help with what we are doing and also of the products we produce in order for us to make a living.

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We truly believe that every small change lead to a bigger change.

Be kind to our planet.