Nomadic life - in a slightly different approach

Nomadic life - in a slightly different approach

For the past five years (from 2016 to the present) we have been spending about five months a year (not consecutively) in Greece. Most of our time is spent "wandering" with our ocean house moving between different places

For the past two years, we have also lived part of the time at a ground home also in Greece but that's for another post

we are Izi and Tali Kalvo living in Rozi, a sailboat a size of about 13 meters (43 feet) long

So what does it mean to be a nomad in a boat

* It's a way of life that the home is always with you and the landscape and community changing.

*. You are always at home, no matter where you anchor.

* You pack your stuff twice during the entire period - on the day of arrival and on the day of departure.

* Since time is at our disposal the choice of where to stay and how long is up to us (unless there are warnings about bad weather and we are in a place that is not protected enough.

 * Usually the marinas in the villages or bays are the most beautiful places on the island and they are always in a prime location without paying an excessive price.

* You can get to many places that can only be reached by boat and in no other way.

The feeling of getting up in the morning in a blue bay to the sound of the waves, jumping into the water, or paddling the SUP - is priceless.

* Almost everywhere you go you know both local people and sailors like you.  sometimes you spend a whole week with people together and after that, they sail on. some relationships remain for years and you meet again and again, and with some, you will never meet again.

* We also love wherever we come to leas a car and drive around the area. Usually, the car rental agency is a short walk (really short) from where we anchored.

* Over the time "Rozi" fills up with souvenirs and things that make us feel good and some of the things are passed on whether to sailors or locals.

* Since we are not in a hurry, we can decide to stay where we want as much as we want without any obligation. And as soon as we want to move on, we just sail to the next destination ...

* Most of the time we are sailing using our sails. And this is magic to feel and see the movement of the wind that transports us between places without using a drop of polluting energy (the engine is used to enter and exit marinas, moorings, and when there is no wind) is exciting and also enable us to contribute something to mother earth,


I would like to share with you a bit of our wandering way and wandering life.

In the coming posts, we will highlight interesting stories that happened to us along the way, meetings with people, places, and nature.


Stay tuned.