About Us

Rain forest Ltd, is a tree which has several branches and activities. Among them, you will find development, manufacturing and distribution of solar PV technologies, boat and yacht anchoring systems, and mobile phones accessories.  Our leading activity is the manufacturing and distribution of mobile phone accessories.  Rainforest was established in 1997 as an antenna developer and manufacturer for the up and coming cellular network technology industry, as it was taking its first and early steps in the world. Since then, we offer an extensive range of unique, cutting-edge products, technologies and logistical solutions for the world of mobile communications. These include unique charging solutions and sophisticated PU applications and machinery for tailor-cut screen protectors, which are all developed, manufactured and distributed under our tree. The founders, owners and leaders of the company are Tali and Izi Kalvo who share, as a married couple, the passion and vision of creating a better, greener, eco-friendlier environment for a better world to leave behind to our children and grandchildren.   Rain Forest’s products stands out from the crowd with spectacular packaging and uncompromised quality values, which are combined with a self-sustaining and eco-friendly element. Since starting its operations in 1997, Rain forest has earned its reputation, both in the private and business sectors, as a manufacturer and distributor of products characterized by technological innovation, outstanding reliability and superior quality with less pollution footsteps. For us, it is not the business; it is the people that are involved. We, as a company and individuals encourage you to follow us. Together we will make a better world.